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Business Planning Services

Whether you are starting a new business or has mature business we have the resources to help.

General Business Planning 

We understand the needs of business owner to drive profit. Successful business owners understand the value of working with other professional and business owners.

  • Review Current Business Plan

  • Business and Personal Goals

  • Business Financial Positions

  • Resources to Grow Business 

  • Connections to Other Businesses 

Employee Group Benefits

  • Group Medical Insurance 

  • Group Disability

  • Group Life Insurance 

  • Group Dental Insurance 

  • Retirement Plan

    • 401 (k)​

    • Profit Sharing

    • SEP

    • SIMPLE 

    • and More

Creative Working

Insurance Review

We will help your business create risk management strategies for any unexpected events. A sound financial plan should help business owners be prepared during unforeseen circumstances. 

  • Review Current Business Insurance Coverage

  • Review Fees and Costs

  • Education on Types of Insurance (Commercial Auto, Business, Life, Disability, Health, etc.)

Succession Planning

All Business owners should have exit strategy. A plan to take ownership or dissolution. without proper planning, banks or the government may take control and have the final say in what happens to your business. 

  • Transferring Wealth

  • Family Business Planning 

  • Estate Planning 

  • Charitable Contribution

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